OpenWrt on xiaomi-4a-gigabit will infinite restart

Thanks. My problem is I'm not use my "real name" but my nick name, and I had tried to use my real name login, still can not pass the auto-check. That means my account not suitable for openwrt PR ever. I hope someone could help on this in future.

EN25QX128A IC, basically supports SECT_4K, simply added a similar line in PR is ok, and I have tested on this.
For the new feature SFDP, needs someone test it carefully, maybe it's not must.

You've misunderstood. No one is saying SFDP is "a must" for the chip to work, but that using SFDP is better than specifying the features manually.

If you're just using Github's web-interface, yeah, fixing things can be a hassle. That said, you're not really even supposed to use the web-interface for anything other than quick adjustments or such.

I use WereCatf on Github as well, yet my pull-requests use my real name. How? Because I use real tools, not Github's web-interface. With the command-line git it's pretty easy to set one's real name:

These forums are the wrong place for a full-blown tutorial on how to use the command-line or e.g. VSCode and git, but Google is your friend.

Thanks, in the last, I already use github-desktop software and my real-name, everything seems ok, but still got the real-name issue.

Ah that makes sense. Thanks again, at least there's a build that works. :+1:

Thanks, if you could open the case of router, please make sure the flash IC is using EN25QX128A.

Here you go...

Thanks, this is the first time confirmed my build with the patch is ok on 4A gigabit (my device is old Flash).

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