OpenWrt on Ubuquiti Nanostation M2 XM with broken Lan0

Sorry for my English, it's google translator, I speak Spanish.
I have a Ubuquiti Nanostation M2 XM and I knew that it had some kind of fault in the Main or Lan0 port, but when installing the openwrt-18.06.1 firmware I did not think that the secondary port or Lan1 by default OpenWrt would see it as WAN, now neither I can even access the OpenWrt administration interface, I confirm that the firmware is correctly installed because when connecting the Lan1 port to my main router it obtains the IP address by DHCP and the router identifies it as OpenWrt.
If someone knew of some way in which I could tell OpenWrt that this position is Lan no Wan or to access from Wan to reconfigure, the worst thing is that I cannot return to AirOs either, because apparently TFTP on this device only works for the MAIN port.

Thank you very much in advance for reading.
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Serial should work, tftp might work.

You'll have to log in with serial to reconfigure the ports or open the firewall.

Thank you very much for your time. But serial?
You mean RS232?
I have a USB to RS232 cable, how can I connect putty to device?

You will need a so called TTL or 3.3 volt serial adapter not RS-232.

Then you have to open the case to reach the serial pins. This is done by removing the screw under the label on the back then sliding the chassis out the bottom.

Thank you very much for your support.
Yes, I had already read Recover stock firmware flashed and it indicates that with a USB-TTL Cable the boot sequence could be interrupted and thus by TFTP send the new firmware, with this I have two problems, the first is that I cannot find a USB-TTL Cable nowhere and the second thing that when I put the device in recovery mode through TFTP right now, the Secondary port does not respond to ICMP, that leads me to think that the same thing will happen if I manage to connect via TTL and that process.

But I will look for how to create an RS232 to TTL adapter, I will try this process, I hope to achieve it, then I will comment on my results.

Uboot probably doesn't respond to pings, it's a boot loader with very limited network functionality.

Depending on the features included in uboot, there might be other ways of getting an image across, than ethernet.

I think that all bootloader-based recovery methods require use of the primary Ethernet port, so if you brick it you're completely out of luck. You need to configure the OpenWrt that is running now. Going back to AirOS is rather pointless since UI has declared the device EOL.

And really, it deserves being EOL. A modern OpenWrt can do very little with 32M of RAM.

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