Openwrt on Ubuntu 18.04

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I am building a test bench on eve-ng using Cisco 7200 as dhcp-pd server and CPE (Ubuntu Box with openwrt) and another Ubuntu box as client host.

Testing a scenario where BNG assings /56 to CPE and CPE slices that /56 into multiple /60s or /64s to multiple host.

CPE with openwrt WAN acquire IP via ND-RA from BNG and on distribute the client subnet as LAN.

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Yes this is what I want to test, how can I achieve it by installing openwrt on Ubuntu 18.04.

OpenWrt is a complete Linux distribution, so it can be installed as a VM or on bare metal. It is not an application package to run on another OS.

For your situation it sounds like Ubuntu hosting VirtualBox running several instances of OpenWrt would be suitable.

RAM and disk required for each instance are quite small (allow 512 MB each) so it is practical to do this even on a modest host PC.

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You don't need multiple hosts.
Create 2 VMs connected to a common isolated virtual switch.
I recommend to use libvirt + KVM/QEMU.
Just change the VM network adapter model to virtio.

In terms of configuration, where I find it; the installation and where to tweak in dhcpv6 as per my scenario.

So dhcpv6 is running on cisco router and it assigns the PD prefix to CPE.

One CPE has the prefix it slice it and assign it to multiple interfaces.

For WAN between Router and CPE it would be static or ND-RA slaac.

Installation on VirtualBox is here:

Networking among the virtual machines and real ports on the host system is determined by the hypervisor software (VirtualBox in this case) and is outside the scope of this forum. OpenWrt will connect to what appears to be real Ethernet hardware then VirtualBox will switch or route the packets to the other VM or to the outside. For a full simulation of a dedicated network install extra Ethernet card(s) in the host machine specifically to connect to the Cisco network and your test users.

Thank you for all the details.

So once installed on the VM, I need to play with dhcpv6 options.

Can I have specific documentation to follow on x86 linux system.

OpenWrt is the same on all platforms. The same instructions work for all devices. Search/make a topic for a specific setup inquiry.

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