OpenWrt on TpLink Re650


I installed openwrt on a RE650.

how to install opkg update?

I havé opkg update operation not permitted

Failed to send request: Operation not permitted
*** Failed to download the package list from

what to do ?

my RE650 is unusable

is it possible to reinstall the original firmware of tplink?


I would reset it. And you can upgrade to 23.05.rc3. Works fine on mine.

How reset ?

Push the reset button a few seconds..? Or from within the UI.

there is no UI. Just openwrt in ssh

Then run the firstboot command in cli, but the error you're getting is related to your network configuration.

root@OpenWrt: firstboot
This will erase all settings and remove any installed packages. Are you sure? [N/y]
/dev/mtdblock4 is mounted as /overlay, only erasing files

And Now ?

firstboot is a reset, it should reboot, but it won't solve your network issue ...

Not Working

How config Network ?

you're asking us ?
we know nothing about your network setup ...

but the easiest way is to edit /etc/config/network

and change the lan section to

config interface 'lan'
	option ifname 'eth0.1' <--- the value here could be different.
	option proto 'dhcp'

leave ifname as it is in the file, change proto to dhcp, and delete the other options in the lan interface section.

once rebooted the IP will be provided by your main router/DHCP, you'll need to check which IP the 650 got assigned.

root@OpenWrt:~# cd /etc/config
root@OpenWrt:/etc/config# ls
dhcp      dropbear  firewall  network   system    wireless
root@OpenWrt:/etc/config# cd /network
-ash: cd: can't cd to /network: No such file or directory


network is a file, that's why you were told to edit it.
if you don't know how to change it in cli, DL winscp to your computer (assuming you use Windows), and do the editing through it.