Openwrt on TP-Link Archer C6U Ver 1 : No "switch" option in Network Menu - - Unable to LAN Port to Second WAN Port

As mentioned in the title I am trying to use Openwrt on TP-Link Archer C6U Version 1 to make it into a load balancer with multi Wan. I need to change the LAN port VLAN settings in order to create a second wan port. But I am unable to find the "switch" settings option which should be there in the network menu but it's not. I have attached a marked screenshot.

Please guide.
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the quick reply @slh . I went through the tutorial. Since I am not exactly a tech guy, I don't know whether I got it correctly. As I wish to use multi wan, I am trying to convert lan1 port into 2nd wan port (wanb). i have created a bridge device "br0" and done the VLAN assignment as shown in this pic.

. lan 1 is untagged for VLAN 2 and lan2 and lan 3 are untagged for VLAN 1. Then I created br0.1 network device for lan and br0.2 network device for 2nd wan. Its shown in this pic.
Then I created a wanb interface with br0.2

and lancheck interface with br0.1.
Both Interfaces are active but the internet is not working.

I don't know where I am going wrong.