OpenWrt on TL-MR6400 v5

hello, openwrt works on the V5 correctly?

Yes it does but a little tinkering is needed using the command line. Do the 2 things mentioned here:

Then it's up to finding proper configuration for QMI with your ISP.

In release images Luci does not ship with support for QMI protocol so once done with above and having internet connection, you might want to install 'luci-proto-qmi' eventhough all configuration has been done already. The web interface will just look nicer when Luci understands your network settings.

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thank you I will test because the wifi on the v5 is not reliable

I am using TP-Link MR6400 v5.2 and it works perfectly with LTE/3G.
Required some research and setup after installation but works great now.

are you talking about wifi with openwrt? I couldn't install it, I don't understand, I watched videos

For me the LTE, Wifi and pretty much everything is working fine.

The video you attached is for version 1 of MR6400, you need to install for v5.
Follow steps in OEM installation using the TFTP method:

I tried with the v5 file, the principle is not the same?, too complicated, the tutorial is not well explained for novices

You need to read more about OpenWrt and linux stuff so you can be more familiar with it.
Follow this YouTube video for v4, v5 of MR6400:

It's not in English (Vietnamese i guess), but you can show the subtitles for it and follow.
One missing thing in this videos is that for the QMI Cellular protocol to show on Luci Interfaces dropdown, you have to install the luci-proto-qmi package.


great, thank you
it would work with a raspberry pi3?

hello I finally managed to install openwrt
problem I have my internet box and my tp-link router have the same address
I changed the ip address to or but afterwards I can no longer connect to my luci interface unless I change the ip address to

Via ssh try

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart 

great it works

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