OpenWrt on Teltonika RUTX11

I was hoping to try OpenWrt on an RUTX11 as I see support mentioned for snapshot install. In fact, I stupidly tried installing the RUTX10 version as I managed to mix up the model number. However, having found that the RUTX10 version of OpenWrt installs OK on the RUTX11, it is not much use if one wishes to use the cellular functions. When I look carefully on the OpenWrt website, although snapshot support of RUTX11 appears to be offered, the URL's for access of the firmware files in the Table of Hardware and Device Page are vacant. Can anyone help with this please?


I find no proof of the 11 being supported, if the 10 image works, use it.

As for LTE, no image comes with packages required for mobile data preinstalled, you manually have to add them.

Thanks. I attach an image of the table of hardware showing support of snapshot.

That's not really proof of anything, the page could have been made by mistake, or should be pointing towards the X10 firmware.

There's also no git commit for the X11.

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