OpenWRT on Sky Q Hub

I have an old Sky Q Hub (ER115) and am wondering if I can crowbar a version of OpenWRT into it. I've found this article, but there is a line in it stating "Just to be clear, this is not useable, it is just for fun".
Does this mean that I cannot use OpenWRT on the ER115? What fun is that!? :joy:

If anyone has any experience using this configuration in a live home environment, I'd appreciate hearing.

Thank in advance.

The page you linked specifically says (in big red letters): "Not Supported." So, no, there is no way it will be possible.

Yes, I saw that. I did wonder, however, what the point of the rest of the article was given that it includes links to CFE's and a modified OpenWRT-21 image, if it doesn't work.

All devices support are started by "experimenting", there could be something broken at the beginning, if some people decided to move on they will try to solve the problem. So now someone had an ER115, tried to dig into it, he/she put all discoveries there showing currently there is no known way to make it work, if you, or others want to continue you can use that piece of information, but apparently no one else had picked this up (or not worth to pick it up after they found the Broadcom thing).

One example is this post which comes up recently, OP was also doing test and started with image that not all features are working, but OP managed to move on to make it a better one.

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