OpenWrt on Rpi3b+

Hello, I have an Rpi3b+ and would like to install and get to know OpenWrt. Is it still compatible? Thanks.

It is

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In future, you can use the search tool. The URL:

This link is browse-able from the main OpenWrt[DOT]org page by clicking "Supported Devices".

Or just any search tool for internet.

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Ok, thank you. New at this, sorry

As the others have stated, yes, the Pi3 is supported. However, be advised of thse two things:

  1. Wifi (on all RPi models to date) is truly terrible. Aside from using it as a travel router, the built-in wifi should not be used for anything where performance is desired.
  2. The RPi3 and earlier models are limited by both CPU and USB 2.0 bus speeds, making the routing performance less than stellar. Fine for slower connections or if you're using the device for a non-routing and non-CPU intenstive purpose, though.
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Today I have a 1Gp/s Internet. I would like to replace the operator's modem/router with this Raspiberry 3B+, but I also have a Raspiberry pi 4 with 8 Gb of RAM, which I could use, it has an nvme.m2 of 240Gb. As a wifi device, I have AC-PRO Unifi and I intend to use it. For everything to connect I have a Tp-link 100/1000 switch. That's enough?

Sorry, 1 Gb/s

You will need to use the Pi4. The Pi3 cannot even come close to routing at those speeds.

You can remove the NVME -- a simple SD card will easily hold all of OpenWrt, and the routing performance is not affected by the storage speeds.

I read and saw some videos where they changed the gateway IP of the main modem so as not to generate conflict with OpenWrt, is that correct?

If you're running a modem only that is a simly a bridge device and passes the ISP issued IP address to the next piece of equipment (i.e. your Pi router), there is no configuration necessary (and in some cases, nothing possible either). However, if your modem is a modem+router combo unit and you cannot put it into bridge mode, you must ensure that the subnet on the modem+router lan (which will be the OpenWrt wan) is not the same as the OpenWrt lan subnet. By default, OpenWrt uses as its lan subnet... you must change one or the other if there is a conflict.

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