OpenWrt on Ravpower FileHub Plus

Hi All,
(new to OpenWrt forum)
I have a question about installing Openwrt on a small travel router. I just got a Ravpower Filehub Plus (RP-WD03) which naturally came with factory installed firmware. I would love to get rid of it and put OpenWRT on instead (I want to use VPN tunnels from the router to my home network). I have however one major concern and that is using the router to transfer my photos from an SD card to a backup Harddisk without a computer. This can be done via a smartphone and using the Filehub plus App or a browser and browse to the router web interface using the existing official F/W. The question is , can I do this using OpenWrt (this router has a SD card slot & a USB port for the HDD). I'm not attached to the filehub App so long as I can do it via browser from a smartphone.

Thanks in Advance.

Looking at the specs I'd say that you're going to run into not so nice issues due to very low amout of memory

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