OpenWrt on raspi 3a

I'm new here and needs some pointers.

I want to setup a travel router on my existing raspberry pi 3a.
This does'nt seem supported but the HW is same on model A/B so the build for raspi 3B should work?
I run in to some problems connecting to the internet tho, because i dont have wired ethernet i need to use the CLI to setup wireless connection.

Due to lack of experience i do not know how etc/config/network & wireless should be configured.
I need to:
-remove the wired ethernet adapter (from the raspi 3B build)
-setup onboard wireless adapter instead to connect to wifi for updates(get drivers for usb wifi-dongle).

the config example/syntax may not be valid for 21.02, use an 19.07 image.

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Ty man.
I tried this with the 21 build but didnt work. Booting a 19 build following those steps worked just fine.

Yeah, the syntax of the file's different in 21, that's why the example in the link didn't work.

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