OpenWrt on Raspberry PI - install gcc and libraries


I have no experience with OpenWRT.
I understand that I can flash an image to an SD card and boot OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi.
My question is this, once OpenWRT is installed, can I install gcc and other libraries such as lib-usb and other development tools so that I can run some custom software (and do native compiles) on my Pi 3B+ or Pi 4 running OpenWRT?

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OpenWrt is not self-hosting, anything beyond the bare minimum (helloworld.c style) of development packages/ libraries/ headers is not packaged for OpenWrt. OpenWrt is designed to be cross-compiled from 'normal' UN*X environments, it doesn't support native compilation (even x86/ x86_86 are technically cross-compiled, although obviously on x86_64 hosts).

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I think so.
Package name Version Size (.ipk) Description
gcc 7.4.0-5 28.7 MB Build a native toolchain for compiling on target…
libgcc1 8.4.0-2 36.1 KB GCC support library

Those are available on my Pi4.

slh's answer is good.