Openwrt on Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Os

Am a noobie, thank you for understanding.
Was seeking guidance on openwrt multi wan interfaces.
My question is.
When one configure and create multiple interfaces with MWaN and Load balancing on Raspberry Pi Os port like Usb plus Eth port, then proceed to install a custom android os....does the configs get deleted.
Much appreciated for your advice

If you install a different OS your config is deleted indeed

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Thank you egc,

Do i partion the drive for the configs to work.

Much appreciated.

Unfortunately cannot answer that I do not have your router

When you flash the SD card, it will partition it.

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Thanks LilRedDog,

Means i can have two Os on one SD card and keep the openwrt configs.

Also, this has been asked tonnes of times, but is there a android/ios/flutter/kotlin openwrt that is able to add interfaces for multi wan and load balancing.

You can have as many OSs on the same card as you wish, as long as the cas has enough space. But you can only run one if then at a time; you cannot use OpenWrt as a router for the Raspbian OS on the same device.

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There is one OpenWrt, and it can do load balancing across multiple WAN interfaces. And I bet Raspbian can be configured like that, too.

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Thanks all for the guidance.

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