OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi 4

I've used raspberry pi 4 with TP-Link UE300 (before moving to intel nuc with proxmox) and it works just fine. Just remember there are no stable build for pi 4 yet as of 19.07.4 so you have to build images yourself.


Would you recommend Raspberry Pi 4 over edgerouter X? How comparable it is?

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RPi4 blows the ERX out if the water. It's perfect for your use.

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Go check out the community builds section of this forum. There's a very active community build for the RPi4 discussed there.

I'd probably forgo the second ethernet and just use the one ethernet along with a VLAN capable switch. Use one VLAN for LAN, another for WAN.

Fair enough, few people are suggesting not to go with Raspberry Pi 4 with OpenWRT since it cause latency when used with Usb 3 to Ethernet adapter. They are recommending RB450Gx4 than Edgerouter X or Raspberry Pi 4 on OpenWRT. I've been reading online that RouterOS on RB450Gx4 is enterprise grade, while OpenWRT isn't that comparable. In all honesty I just want to reduce bufferbloat while gaming with a fairly decent bandwidth. 200 Mbps up and down would do out of 300Mbps line I'm getting upgraded to next month. As they say, does it cause higher latency than I already have?

in my testing with the ue300, this is 1ms or so at most. This is similar to latency in electronic music instruments caused by MIDI packet sizes so not important to musicians playing in the same room as each other which is honestly about the most demanding latency situation that exists. It won't be relevant.

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Makes sense. Alright then, I'm going ahead and making the purchases. I really don't need an enterprise grade level of performance anyway, it's mostly for home usage. Just a fix on the bufferbloat would do for me. If the setup I mentioned above would work for what I'm looking for, I'll be more than happy. Plus it doesn't put a nuke on my bank account going Pi with OpenWRT. :stuck_out_tongue:

The main non-enterprise things in a RPi are the USB dongle and the power supply. Get yourself a good power supply and a case with a fan, run the fan on low voltage (a 5v fan on 3.3v) and you'll be good to go with no noise.

Getting these. I guess it's all official products from Raspberry itself?

seems like it

We had a wonderful launch RPI4 thread that got locked by whatever reason threads get locked after a year here, you can read it here. Many experiences and solutions to common issues.


This is worth it when you have such a brilliant community. I wish there was an active thread addressing the issues and fixes for RPi4 on OpenWRT.

Did everyone here see this?
5 Gbps Ethernet on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Your post was super helpful, why withdrawn?

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if it's the solution then the thread closes and it disappears... and is of little use...

I also rudely hijacked based on the title...

Ah, I didn't know about that. I have removed your post from "solution" so I guess it'll be good to repost again.

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RPI4 RELEASED [fullthread] jrambo99

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What is hindering you in creating specific topics for specific problems?

Topics do not just disappear.

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'running' threads;

  • foster a sense of community
  • declutter the forum when several people are likely to encounter similar issues in the short term
  • make relevant and/or associated information easier to find, especially for 'new' OpenWrt users... and in the case of the pi4... there are many...

Which is why it'd be a good idea to get the launch RPi4 thread opened indefinitely, not subject to this insane rule of threads getting closed if they don't have any activity for more than 10 days. For example, the auto thread close cut a conversation between some people at the end that was getting somewhere.

@tmomas would it be possible?

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