OpenWrt on Prism EV charger

I have a Cartender Prism, which is an EV charger that also works as wifi access point.
It has an ethernet port and is based on OpenWRT

I have followed the manufacturer's instruction to set it up and it works fine, it is wired to my home network and has created a WiFi network with the same SSID as my usual WiFi.

The problem is that my router ip is and all my devices (even those connected to other access points) get an ip like 192.168.1.x; however the devices connected to Prism are assigned an IP in the range 192.168.8.x

There must be an easy way to change this so that it's my own router that assigns all IPs and not Prism.
I am not very familiar with OpenWRT so I don't really know what I need to do

The current interfaces look like this

Do I need to use the "bridge interface" option?

On the network page, edit the wan and check the bridge box -- this allows more than one physical interface to be connected, e.g. the Ethernet cable and a wifi access point. Then on the wifi page edit the AP and change its network from lan over to wan.

This makes the wifi function a "dumb AP." A device connected by wifi will communicate directly with your main router instead of through the routing functions of OpenWrt.

You will need to leave some interface such as a second AP active on lan so you can log in to the Prism, or open the firewall so you can log in from the wan side.

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Thank you very much

I think I have done something different before reading your reply

It seems to be doing what I want; devices connected to Prism now get addresses like 192.168.1.x

Hi, I have the same problem, but my wallbox is connected via wifi, could you tell me the correct steps to complete the modification, I tried but I failed. I am new to openWRT this is the first time I use it

Thanks so much

This is my current configuration

I can only guess, try editing your third network interface and select "bridging" under "physical settings" by selecting the "LAN" interface

Unfortunately it not works, i can't apply this modify during 90second. When i try to do thi modify the wi-fi network of AP disappear and it return after 90second when it do rollback.