OpenWrt on old i7 PC?

I'm in the x86 camp myself (apu2e4 is my main router). I just ran some tests on my N5105 4xI226 2.5Gbe box running SNAPSHOT bare metal, and observed the following power numbers:

  1. Idle ~8.9w with active WAN + one sleeping LAN connection (this number is typical, I look at it many times every day).
  2. Woke LAN workstation, 9.1w.
  3. Started htop on router, power jumped to ~9.5-9.6 w.
  4. Started test and saw ~14.0-14.4 w during download.
  5. Dropped to ~10.5-11.0 w during upload phase.
  6. When bufferbloat test ended (A+, of course) power dropped back to 9.5.
  7. htop shows load "0.0" the whole time, so bufferbloat traffic isn't stressing things at all.
  8. Kill htop, power back at 9.1.

The box is one of the CWWK "v5" (I think, minimal case, no fan), cost US$140 + $13 shipping (took a month from CN to US). The box is new, so I splurged on new internals rather than going the junk pile for parts: WD 550 SSD was $37 (250GB so MASSIVE overkill for OpenWrt), Crucial 8GB 3200CL22 SODIMM stick $28 (again massive overkill), total $218. Could get that down a bit by using a salvaged -- or buying a much smaller -- SSD, and scavenging a RAM stick from an old laptop or whatever.