Openwrt on non supported device

Hello, i just discovered OpenWrt and i really want to test it,
but when i checked my router (huawei B310s-927) in the supported list, i didn't find it.

my question is, can i test openwrt even if it's not listed?
if yes, how can i do that?
have i to test a version listed in huawei supported devices?
or just check for the latest openwrt release?

Have a good day

I don't think it will ever get any support because it is a 4G modem router. For this you won't get any free device drivers. And if I remember correct this devices are usually hard locked. So you would need sth. like an unlock code or "hack" to boot other firmware. It is like a smartphone.

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when my operator gave it to me, it only support their SIM card, but i unlocked it using the "unlock code" & few months later i also installed another "unlocked version" of its firmware without any problem.

but if openwrt doesn't support any 4G modem router... i can't do anything :frowning:
thank you for your answer bro

As already mentioned in previous replies, you won't be able to install OpenWrt on that device for multiple reasons (at least not without considerable effort and you'd also have to actually do development work to make the device supported).

That said, if you want to try OpenWrt in general, there are two options to get you there:

  1. find a supported device. There are plenty of devices that you can buy new for $20-$50 USD, and you can also find many supported devices on the used market for even cheaper.
  2. Install OpenWrt as a virtual machine on your existing computer. VirtualBox is free virtualization software and you can create a VM with OpenWrt that you can use to explore the features. Doing it this way is completely free (other than your time), but does require a bit more work to configure the VM properly. But it would give you the ability to test drive and learn about the system.

A Sim unlock is different from a bootloader unlock code.

The only options you have is that what psherman has written. I would opt for a cheap travel router if.


Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

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