OpenWrt on Netasq u30s with internal switch

Hy every body

I'm an OpenWrt's beginner and I try to install it on a Netasq u30s.

I use x86 OpenWrt image and I'm able to connect on the router's port 1.

But other ports are managing by atheros AR8328 and I just see 1 interface named eth1. When I try to plug cable on one of this ports, there are no flashing led and no event....

How can I work with this ports ?

nobody have an idea ?

Hi xobix,

Some years ago i tryed to install Something else on a netasq U30 too.
I tryed so many distros.
None of them had the drivers to manage the 4 ports switch Inside.
I know your post is old and maybe you stopped since.

I hav one at home and i will try again because thoses machines are super to manage lan.

Maybe openwrt whould work, if it can be found for VIA Chipset…

But in all cases you probably will have to compile or install drivers for internal switch.

It could be a very good project for openwrt to be able to install it on Netasq devices.


Hi davhello,

Yes I stop the project with no solution because I have no time to it :roll_eyes:

Maybe you can use it as Web server…
I have a U70-A, because i have some time with covid i will try again.