OpenWrt on NAS 325 v2 newbie question

Good day,

I'm new. I've got a NSA 325 v2 server and wish to bring it to life after failure of stock firmware update. I cannot get to administration panel so I'm now about to flash using this instruction :
Oryginal stock firmware is almost unaviable due to this product is legacy.
Till now even with stucked firmware server works - is seen in LAN like before, FTP works with no problem but I cannod modyfy anything else
I've got a question if flashing firmware is safe for data on HDD and for directors structure and another one if it is possible to bring oryginal firmware later from OpenWrt?

Thank you

The data on disk is safe. OpenWrt installs in flash memory, and doesn't even touch the disk(s). That also means that you'll have to provide necessary configuration to assemble&mount the raid array yourself. Although there is a thread about that somewhere on this forum.
Going back to stock firmware is possible, but not as straight forward as installing OpenWrt. The problem is that the firmware was never meant to be installed by customers. It can be done, but it's not as easy as installing OpenWrt. If you want to go back, make sure you have a backup of the current flash content before installing OpenWrt.

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Linux Device Hacking web site has extensive information on installing Debian and updated uboot bootloader on the Zyxel NSA 325 v2 and other Marvell Kirkwood based devices. Even if you choose to use OpenWrt on the device you may find some of the NSA 325 related information on the site useful.