OpenWrt on MS3 network?

Apparently MS3 network is available at my address. Could boost our household from 33/5 to 1000/1000.

Does OpenWrt work on MS3? After using the software/Cake QOS for a while its been a lifesaver. Despite speeds increasing so much I'd want to retain OpenWrt. Is it possible?

OpenWrt supports all standard connection methods to the wan (i.e. DHCP (v4 and v6), PPPoE, Static IP). Since MS3 appears to be a fiber optic internet service, it would be likely that it would work. Obviously if this is fiber, you need to either have an ONT (often provided by or for rent from the ISP) or an SFP cage on your router (or a media adapter device) to accept the fiber connection.

Otherwise, as long as they don't have some unique connection requirement, it should work fine with OpenWrt.

The question should really be directed to MS3. The thing to ask is not "will your service work with OpenWrt" but rather "Can I use my own router and what are the requirements, both physical and software/configuration releated, to get it online with your service?"

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You are unlikely to saturate gigabit to need cake or pie on the spot. But if you need you likely need more CPU muscle like filogic or even x86 mini-pc with many network ports.

I'm in the very early stages of being aware they're in my area, so I was hoping someone would have used this combination already. I thought I'd ask the experts too as I don't expect much from a sales helpline. A HC220-G5 is the standard provided router by the reseller I'd be using, but there are options to choose no router, so I imagine there's some sort of standard being used. I'm just not smart enough to know if this means I could swap in an OpenWrt router.

I'm due a call back so I'll ask them for sure.

It appears to be an AC1200 device, which sounds pretty crappy in 2024.

Hope they throw it in for free.

Whilst probably true, its the spikes in ping that have been a problem historically due to upload speeds. I'm trying to rpepare for the worst by trying to keep OpenWrt

You can join in the support effort.

Full gigabit back and forth is unlikely with QoS, even the device has separate netcards for WAN and LAN.

The routers free, so if the internet was poor and I wanted QoS I'd probably try to get something powerful to get the most out of the connection. This may mean buying something more powerful if needed. It would have to be a case of trying to understand which is compatible and has the power.

Ultimately I'm an OpenWrt beginner, I don't think I'm smart enough to understand the troubleshooting of things

Dont plan for disaster scenario, it will certainly be better than current 5Mbps uplink which I suppose chokes when any game gets started.

For 1/1gbit you should consider x86_64, the RPis, etc.

First you need to get the problem, your free router will forward gigabit, but will not suffice to do SQM. If installed CPE does even rudimendtary traffic policing it will be enough. You know, it is living people testing connection at provider.