OpenWrt on Mikrotik RB433GL

Hi All
might be pushing my luck here but have tried as almost everything i can think of to get a version of OpenWRT on an MT 433 GL

The GL is the budget version and unfortunately does not have - as far as i can tell any jtags uart or console outputs to diagnose boot issues.

I can see the tftp image upload via tftp32 on netboot where it hangs (presumably) i cant ping or see on any interface.

its a pain as the 433GL has plenty of hardware to run OpenWRT comftably i just cant seem to find a way to get into the box to find why it cant allocate the interface IP.

i know dhcp and tftp is working as intended as i can see the logging.

im going to re-inspect the board see if i can see anything to probe with a multimeter, thanks for reading.

What is the GL???

Does it differ from the RB433, RB433AH or RB433UAH?


At no point do you mention: looking at the serial output of the RouterBoot booatloader, clearing the flash, etc. do you see the booatloader (needed to TFTP OpenWrt to boot it), since this model has no serial port???

This statement seems as if you booted it successfully...or you haven't and aren't following the OpenWrt install directions.

Here's a bit more on the 433GL if you're interested.

As mentioned there's no serial or console - so i presume some action is needed to wipe the flash and install OpenWRT, as it wont happen automatically.

I am starting think i would need to try and bake my open bootloader image and try and get the interface to allocate and ip and allow an ssh connection on that interface.

Not impossible - but might be a bit out of my reach time-wise.

I asked the question:

Did you see the instructions I posted?

Yes, and OpenWrt outlines accessing the bootloader via serial.

Likely so...

Best wishes.