OpenWrt on MikroTik CSS610-8G-2S+IN

Hi! I am considering this device. There seems to be support for routerboard devices. Is there any work on supporting these switchOS devices?


I believe that particular device is not capable of running a real OS like Linux as it is lacking flash/RAM for that. You would need the more capable bigger brother the CRS210-8G-2S+IN.

Have a look at the efforts going into the realtek (rtl838x/ rtl93xx) target. For 1000BASE-T (rtl838x), SFP and PoE there are already a couple of devices supported, 10GBASE-T (rtl93xx)/ SFP+ is currently under development (e.g. Zyxel XGS1210-12) and should arrive with OpenWrt support 'soon'.

Be aware that these are switches, not routers. They can handle your switching needs, but the internal SOC is mostly meant to take care of the webinterface, it doesn't have the performance to do routing tasks for faster connections - you still need a fast enough router for that. This is a hardware design decision, not some OpenWrt specific deficiency.


I get the impression when reading about it, that even with the SwitchOS Lite, firmware, which seems flashable, that there's some kind of flash in there...

Edit: the model you suggested is discontinued, according to MT. But I'm aiming for a few certain models of switch, simply because they fit within the 10 inch rackmount profile/size. I would get the ZyXEL GS1900-16, which is managed and correct size, but ZyXEL don't sell it in Europe....... :frowning:

OK. I saw recently that the GS1900 DSI landed via patches. Switches also seem to be becoming popular.

Strangely the GS1900-16 indeed seems to be missing from their European portfolio (North American availability doesn't appear to be much better), but the GS1900-24E is readily available.

I guess you rather meant DSA aka distributed switch architecture, right?