OpenWRT on Mikrotic SXT (SXT 5nD r2)

My only problem with RouterOS on these devices is that I often get -presumably false- radar detections on every usable channel.
When I initially set these links up, I went ahead and used 'superchannel', "just in case". The links were active (with video streams) and nobody ever complained for years. I looked at maps and none of them seem to be pointed at publicly documented radars and I am not aware of any military installations in this region (I am actually at one of the least radar-affected areas of my country, a relatively cold spot). The signal should be <= general noise floor.
But I decided to update RoS and see how frequent radar detections are without superchannel, if any.
It turned out, there are radar detections. But this didn't bother me much in the last few years because I rarely used the links for interactive tasks (losing a few minutes of IP camera recordings per day here and there is not a real issue). But the interactive kind of usage started to increase lately. But I am not even sure if I could still find the last (old) RoS version that allows superchannel on these devices (and if the downgrade would work without reconfiguring from scratch, in which case I might as well change the OS too). And having reliable radar detection (with no frequent [assumed to be] false positives) would obviously be preferable.

So, I started to wonder if switching to OpenWRT could affect radar detection in any way. Or is it hard-coded in the hardware and not even the wireless card firmware uploaded by the OS can affect it?

If so, then what kind of bridging should I use with OpenWRT on these devices? Is WDS the closest to to RoS's "bridge" + "station bridge" solution?