OpenWrt on ksz9477evb

Hi guys,
I have an ksz9477 evb from microchip with sama5d36 microcontroller there is a prebuilt openwrt image for the micro on this link
But it doesn't have support for the ksz9477 switch when running it on the evb it gives me phy not detected so i can't access the gui
There is a prebuilt image for the evb on this link
And the drivers on this one
I guess adding the driver to the openwrt kernel and build it should work but couldn't get it to work
i tried from the menuconfig but cant find the ksz9477 driver i guess i am missing something out ,Anyone can help with this ,steps to do it or provide a prebuit image that support the ksz9477 switch
My ultimate goal is to use it as a router with sgmi SFP link as wan others ports as lan no wifi required

It looks like linux4sam has a fork of OpenWrt - you should ask there regarding kernel support / drivers.