OpenWrt on Huawei E5576 320 possible?

Hello everyone,
I own a Huawei E5576 320 which I am using while abroad as an expat.
I have a zerotier networt setup at home and most of my devices support zerotier as an app. But I would really like to get it running directly on my 4g router.

Does anybody know if there is an OpenWRT firmware available that will run on the Huawei E5576 320 so I can install zerotier on it?

Thank you and have a nice Sunday

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@frollic, @AleXSR700 wants to run OpenWRT on the E5576, not use that as a modem with OpenWRT. I very much doubt there is a way to do that. I have no way to find out, but my gut feeling says the E5576 does not have enough memory or flash for that, even if somebody would try that.


Huawei hw, so it's not going to happen.

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Okay, it was a long shot. But I wanted to ask because getting RasAP + zerotier to work on a RPi is driving me crazy :frowning:

Put openwrt on the RPi?

If this is an option, consider getting one of ZTE MF286 series. They are fully supported by OpenWrt, and MF286D is a very powerful device, out of the LTE crowd.
Regarding OpenWrt on RPi - definitely an option, but the built-in Wi-Fi, if any, is pretty bad, because it's Broadcom :frowning:


FYI: GL.iNet also has several good mobile hotspots most of them supported by OpenWRT, I use them myself.

I like the GL.iNet Mudi. I put it on my list for things to buy if/when Corona goes away and I dare to go on vacation.

Note that the mobile GL.iNet devices with and without mobile networking are a little weak to save battery. If you want more power and don't need full mobility, you better use a mobile USB modem. As noted above, I ran into modprobe problems with my Huawei E5576-320, so be prepared to be another guinea pig :slight_smile:.