OpenWrt on HP t730 with Xfinity 1 gbps Down and 35 Up

Hello everyone.

I'm considering going with OpenWrt to use for my home network with standard devices such as IoT, and lots of computer and console gaming (sometimes playing the same game on different consoles or computers). This means I will most likely go with the cake SQM and UPnP for my home network along with some VLANs to keep some things separated. I'm currently running pfSense which has been fine, but I'm considering trying OpenWrt due to cake and positive reviews (and I like trying new tech things :slight_smile: ).

Are there any concerns or issues with the latest version of OpenWrt running on a PC on a home network running UPnP or cake? Anything that sets OpenWrt apart from pfSense or Untangle that I should consider?

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hearing replies. :slight_smile: