OpenWrt on Fritzbox has no web interface after installation


after a lot of trial-brick-error, I've managed to put OpenWrt on my FritzBox 7360 v2. It seems it does not have Luci on it.

Can someone confirm this? I used the git from this page here:


Git image commit:

Wireless shows up, LAN shows up, bot OK.

Any ideas on how to get webinterface on it?

Thank you!


Thanks Thomas, something worth exploring.

Yet, i would like to understand if the package above already includes Luci. Router has 128MB so it should install from the image directly.

Now, either image is not working properly or it does not include Luci. It is in version 19 so it "should".

How can i know if it does and fails OR it does not have it so i need to put (even more) effort in it?

Any clues where to look for that info?

Snapshots never include web ui.

Router have 32mb flash space, according to the wiki, and 128mb RAM.

opkg update
opkg install luci

and you'll have the web interface.

Your router is still in beta, there's no final release for it, including Luci.

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"Snapshots never include web ui."

A-haaaa! Great info, thank you so so much! i don't think I've read enough to find that info about snapshots=no Luci. Fantastic, I'd buy you a a beer for this . :beer:

So, next step, how to do this without internet connection on OpenWrt and only Windows OS.

"opkg update
opkg install luci"

:thinking: :hugs: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Without internet connection it's pretty much impossible :slight_smile:
Just like surfing internet w/o one :wink:

Doesn't it work as it is ?
You can always ssh to it.

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Thank you al for your inputs, they were very valuable and I've learned a lot!

I am abandoning the modification as I couldn't bring it to the internet and can't be bothered anymore with additional downloads and modifications, simply too much time for little gain..

As a note, do NOT USE WINDOWS FTP to transfer snapshot but any Linux distro (even bootable live distro works) as it will not transfer the snapshot correctly (passive mode won't trigger).

Such a shame really.

Good luck to all with your projects!

AFAIK FTP doesn't support passive transfers, you need another FTP client.

A FW might also stop a passive FTP transfer.

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