OpenWrt on FritzBox 7360


recently installed OpenWRT on my FritzBOX 7360 as I needed this modem to work in bridge mode. What I notice is a substantial difference in donwstream speed which is approx 102 Mb with the original AVM firmware and which sticks at 65 Mb with OpenWrt. In the later case it doesn't really matter which VR9 Firmware version I use, it simply doesn't get near to the 102 Mb. Stability is not the issue, it's rock solid. SNR values are equal in both situations.

Any idea whether and, if so, how this can be solved?

You should see a quite significant improvement with kernel 4.14 and flowoffload enabled (you will have to build the firmware image yourself and change target/linux/lantiq/Makefile to KERNEL_PATCHVER:=4.14), for 100 MBit/s you might also need to supply a vectoring enabled xdsl firmware.

Hi, just checked this. Modem gets already in a full vectoring support mode. It doesn't look like a performance issue of the FB7360. Issue is that the trained VDSL speed is limited to 65Mb. As a consequence the real speed will never become more than this.