OpenWrt on FritzBox 7272?

I hate being that kind of guy but I have to ask...

I dont find anything on the internet an this is maybe the fastest and easiest solution.

Is it simply not possible for whatever reason, or was it simply not done till yet? If the second then what would be the steps?

Kind regards and thank you in advance

Nothing wrong with asking, but, no, it is not supported at the moment. The Fritz!Box 7272 is based on the Lantiq ARX388 SoC, and as far as I am aware noone is currently (seriously) working on bringing devices based on that chipset into the fold.

(Also, IMHO the 7272 is not a particularly interesting target to warrant or kick off the necessary development. It does nothing that other low-cost and already OpenWrt-supported Lantiq devices, for example a Fritz!Box 3370, wouldn't do just as well or better. It has only two GigE ports, the other two are Fast Ethernet, and only one 2.4GHz radio.)

Thank you very much for the fast reply!

I see. The Box was a present and I thought I might give OpenWrt a try. But not this time.