OpenWrt on DLINK DAP-2680

Hello everybody
I saw openwrt has been ported successfully on DAP-2610. What should I check / provide to verify if it can be ported or installed directly even to DAP-2610 big brother DAP-2680?
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You will have to do a full round of new device porting for the DAP-2680, there is no similarity between the two (different SOCs/ targets).

I tried to look on internet before writing on this forum but I didn't find any information about the DAP-2680 chipset so I asked because I didn't know if they were different.

So there is the possibility it will never be supported? Or is "easy" to port on its chipset?
What should I check to start the porting work eventually or to provide the community the basis to do that?

SOC and both wireless chipsets are supported, everything else would be device specific and pending someone with the device on their desk to port OpenWrt to that device (which might be reasonably straight-forward - or difficult, depending on the vendor).

Ok, I've the device on the desk... DAP-2610 is supported and the install process doesn't seem complicated so I hope for DAP-2680 is the same. What's the first step? I think soldering the serial port and looking at the bootloader should be a good point, right? Or something else is better?

Does this help?

Bumping an old thread, since it is unfortunately the first Google result for "DAP-2680 OpenWrt":

The device is officially supported by now, stable images will be available starting from the v20 release.

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OMG! Thank you so much!!! I waited for this news for months!

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