OpenWrt on digital ocean droplet

I've recently found out that 19.03.4 x86-64 image works fine on digital ocean, but needs few manual tweaks.

  • Add combined-ext4.img.gz image to custom images area of digital ocean console.

  • Now you can create droplet as usual

  • Here comes the tricky part, newly created droplet won't have network connection because of unsuitable configuration.

  • To fix that you have to open VNC console (button on top of droplet page) and edit /etc/config/network. You can use vim to do that.

  • If need more than 256mb for software and data enable recovery iso option in digital ocean console and power off droplet. Reboot doesn't affect boot option.

  • Once recovery image boots you will usual bash prompt. Now we'll increase partition size.

  • Type
    parted /dev/vda
    resizepart 2
    resize2fs /dev/vda2

  • Now set recovery back to hard drive and start droplet

  • All droplet storage should be available now.


thanks for this. please could you detail the changes you made to /etc/config/network in step 4? Can't get this to work