OpenWRT on D-Link Dir300 A?

Yes I know it's a very old router but it's all I have atm and all I dare to meddle with the FW.

I'm following the instructions here but I cannot seem to get to the part where I change my NIC's ip to and telnet into

I simply get a timeout. I've tried several times and no luck.

I have Transport FTP server running with the 4 files listed on the tutorial (had to re-find them because dead links) but I just can't get a response from the router.
Any ideas why? Any workarounds? I've read somewhere about installing OpenWRT through Emergency GUI but not sure how to achieve that and which file I need to plant into the router.

The other only post I found about my router is this one and not really much to help me with the first steps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Age by itself is not directly a problem, but 4 MB flash and 16 MB RAM is a hard no-go; this device is explicitly unsupported. There really isn't any point considering to install OpenWrt, nor any alternative to upgrading (replacing) the hardware, quite decent devices offering at least 8/128 (which strictly speaking don't have much of a future either, but are still working fine for now) can be found for 5-10 EUR on the various used markets, the first 802.11ax devices are already starting around 15 EUR new/ delivered, don't waste your time with devices like these that would be a limping security nightmare at best.

make sure you disable your computers firewall temporally
it's probably blocking you tftp server
slh is correct it's way to old for routing
maybe an dump slow access point
but I'm in favour for people to lean on disposable stuff
it's going to the trash ether way but you may lean something 1st

i previosly ran DDWRT on this router, did put OpenWrt 17.X (LEDE) on but was unstable i think, was a number of years ago now though :slight_smile:

Thank you all guys for your input! I simply plan on using it as an extender for a VoIP phone, that's all. But it's indeed giving me nightmares also with DDWRT. For some reason DDWRT site is quite mystic with many different untagged beta releases and only a few stable that actually are not.

I managed to get DDWRT working on the router, it looks pretty nice but functionality as a WDS station does not work.

I guess I'll have to try to get a more decent router and run OpenWRT on it! I just wanted to play around and get my feet wet with something I could brick. After flashing several bin files into it I think I'm a bit ready.

Thank you guys!

sounds good make most of it
better to lean on trash then break treasure

after play I little with extenders I'm against them
it's so much better with just a cable & access point
just the exrta delay over 2 wirelesses connections & retries on 54M
I think would show up over voip
duel radios works better but only just

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I totally agree the HW is very limited, but I just want to test around the concept. So I failed miserably at finding any DDWRT to work with the DIR300, so I moved on to Gargyole. It is way more stable than DDWRT and I managed to (I think) connect my DIR300 to my main ADSL router, only problem is that I set it up as Client (I only need the LAN port, no Wifi) and I full an IP from the ADSL router, I can ping when wired to the DIR300 (client), however I cannot browse. I checked DNS and that doesn't seem to be a problem. Kinda stuck so close to the end :sob:

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