Openwrt on Comfast AC101?

Hi Everybody
I've got myself nice and shiny Comfast AC101 core gateway recently, nothing really special but it is just enough for my needs with gigabit speeds, PoE, wall AP control and fair price, i had a look at settings and found it to be quite simple without much to offer, i was expecting some more honestly, i miss usb and file share support so i started to poke around, got in through SSH, and found it to be based on openwrt chaos-calmer 3.18.9-1, i thought i gonna install necessary files which after pointing opkg to chaos-calmer repo worked well but kmod-fs-ext4 available in repo is of later 3.18.20 kernel version and won't install on 3.18.9 so here is my problem, is there somewhere 3.18.9-1 repo still available so i could get missing files? and if not, is upgrading the kernel only possible or the whole router to openwrt safe idea? i would hate to brick the thing i didn't have the time to enjoy yet but i was really counting on having ftp or nfs server on it

No, and in all likeliness it isn't chaos calmer anyways, but a proprietary SDK (with proprietary kernel modules) roughly based on something roughly resembling chaos calmer. Especially in regards to kernel modules that's not going to work.

no as for 3.18.9 repo or no for installing openwrt on it?
chaos-calmer is where original comfast sources pointed at, of course i'm not sure but i expect it to be openwrt with own comfast designed gui, give and take few options, while i really appreciate Chinese abilities i don't think they went extra 10 miles modifying stock openwrt unless absolutely necessary.
i really only need kmod-fs-ext4 3.18.9-1 module to have ftp or perhaps nfs up and working

Technicolor SDK that are openwrt based have very modified makefiles and patches of many mb for the kernel. So yes usually they modify the original repo A LOT.

OK, so i guess i will have to get myself NAS box and live with for now
Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts

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