OpenWrt on Carambola2 with camera MP1010M-VC and encoder card 38117-5 IQE-M1 E365781, add-on card

I have camera MP1010M-VC, encoder card 38117-5 IQE-M1 E365781, add-on card carambola2 on

I got carambola2 by web panel and ssh. I CAN’T access to encoder and camera.

How I mist configure carambola2 to access to encoder? Which adress, port, login and password I must use to do it?


Describe your netwok: hosts+OS/firmware, IP-addresses/mask, routers/gateways, static routes, VLANs.
Network scheme if possible.

I think that problem not in openwrt. I remove carambola and connect ethernet add-on to auvidea encoder E10. But still cannot access it on default address.

But... May be you can help me to get it from carambola...

Host Debian 9 Through WiFi router by ethernet at which through WiFi connect to Carambola2 at
According docs there i can access auvidea H264 encoder E10 at :80, :22, :554
E10 must give web-panel and SSH access. Through them I want to configure camera MP1010M-VC ang get videostream from it.

host --> eth --> router --> WiFi --> Carambola2 (E10(MP1010M-VC))

I don't undestand how to reset E10 to factory defaults or get it by any other way ((

I was switched to another task. But I'l be back to this problem soon.