Openwrt on bcm96838 (Chima brand)

Hello everyone. I have been trying to figure out how to get openwrt on an bcm96838 board from Chima. It is a fiber optic router with wireless, 2 phone jacks, 4 ethernet ports and a usb port. I manages to get root via a telnet session so i can provide additional info if needed.
I could not find any info about getting openwrt on this board until i found those files:

I dont know if these are any good and what to do with them. Can someone take look and give some advice?

I would never consider any "random" link on a file-sharing site "any good". In fact, quite the opposite.

The Table of Hardware doesn't show any supported devices with a "96838" CPU[CPU*~]=96838

Even if the SoC were supported, is is exceptionally unlikely that any open-source firmware would be able to use the phone jacks, and possibly not the fiber-optics portion, as they typically are "binary blobs" that are not open-source, especially from Broadcomm.

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the bcm96838 it the board name or id. The actual cpu is a Broadcom BMIPS4350 V8.0, a dual core. This board is running some kind of wrt, firmware version SON8368MVW.1.2.0.

the links to the files are not completely random and come from another site:

( i can only post 2 links per messages as a beginner).

I managed to get more info from the running system such as kernel version, modules etc, if someone is interested.

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