OpenWrt on AVM FritzBox 7390


has someone tested to install OpenWrt on a AVM FritzBox 7390??


FB7390 is not supported.

Thanks, I knew that page already. But it's possible that someone had made some practical experiences.

7390,7490, 5490 and probably few others have a weird dual cpu design where WiFi is managed entirely on a 2nd cpu with its own kernel . It’s probably unlikely they’ll get support added - maybe as wired router + modem only, etc

7490/ 5490 are one thing, as they're just a bog standard lantiq VRX2xx SOC (with a weird/ difficult WLAN solution); e.g. the 7490 could be supported right now, as a wired-only router with modem- and FXS support (WLAN is the only difficulty here). But the 7390 is a totally different SOC (Ikanos Fusiv Vx180), which has no OpenWrt support at all (and is very unlikely to get any).

Ah that’s quite interesting. This page listed 7390 among others that use this avm “wasp” interface . I agree all other sites seem to only list 1 cpu.

AVM Fritz!Box 7390 (HW-Revision: 156):

  • SOC: Fusiv Vx180
    • MIPS32 24KEc
    • 500 MHz (single core)
  • Flash:
    • SPI-NOR: 16 MB
    • NAND: 512 MB
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • VDSL Modem: Ikanos IFE-6
  • Switch: AR8316
  • DECT: SC14488
  • WLAN: AR9220/ AR9223
    (both should be simple PCIe devices, so no separate SOC for them)

SOC and xDSL Modem are unsupported (upstream and OpenWrt), everything else would be possible (with the usual caveat that Linux doesn't have any DECT subsystem).

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Many thanks for your replies. So there is no chance for a second life.

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