OpenWrt on ASUS RT-N65U

Hello everybody!
I have an old ASUS RT-N65U router, which I really like. I would like to install the OpenWRT firmware on it, but it is not in the list of supported devices.

Perhaps the firmware from another ASUS is suitable for it? Tell me, please, what can be done?

RT-N65U != RT-N56U


This page is for the Asus RT-N56U router, I have a different model - Asus RT-N65U. Will this firmware really suit me?

Omg ... thanks)

Haha! ))) I also studied your page for a long time while drinking morning coffee. I just could not understand why I could not find her)))

Actually, that was googles fault: I googled "Asus RT-N65U openwrt", and i got result for "Asus RT-56U OpenWrt" because "Including results for 'Asus RT-N56U openwrt'"

When I saw Tmomas reply, i thought to myself: "Hang on, did I not copy-paste the model name from OPs post ?!"

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I’ll go offer the old Google a cup of coffee ...

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It's good, that @tmomas saw the "65" vs "56".

So, this Is your device: ?

There are other firmwares apparently for this device:

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Yes, it is.

Yes, I am using Padavan firmware now. It's cool, but I'm not sure what this open source software is. It is developed by one person.
I would like to use OpenWRT.

Maybe another firmware is suitable for the ASUS N65? Nobody knows anymore?

Happy New Year, everyone. Also interested in this question, tk. I own an ASUS RT-N65U router.
Is there an answer?