OpenWrt on ASKEY RTL0030VW

New here. Hi everyone.

I'd like to install OpenWRT on an ASKEY RTL0030VW.
Well actually its an OEM stripped down version of the ASKEY RTL0030VW
called the Cell C RTL30VW LTE-A home router here. (South Africa)

Qualcomm IPQ4018
Modem chipset MDM9230
MRAM 256MB, ROM 16MB NOR + 128MB NAND Flash

Neither is listed in Supported Devices...?
Can one use anything written for the Qualcomm IPQ4018? And the MDM9230??


In general, no. The firmware has to match how each board is β€œwired” β€” there is much more than just the chip.


Thx jeff.

Damn! :frowning:

Is there any other way forward from here?

Both dd-wrt and Tomato: same story as above.

I prepared support for Cell C RTL30VW:

I will make PR soon. Please test it, if someone can.

It should be easy to prepare support for ASKEY RTL0030VW, if someone have device to test.


Please add support for RTL0010VW,

Sure, but I don't have that device.

PR for RTL30VW is on github:

The console port is available via the RJ45 jack? (blue cisco UTP console cable ?)

Nope. 2.00mm header inside.

Ok, understood

it stated incorrectly on;a=commit;h=c30220d458c0771013f21a16148baa4ea723027b

-Serial console: RJ-45 115200 8n1

My bad. I made mistake in commit log. :frowning:

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No problem, thank you, I will flash mine bit later

In the meantime, I have create a devicepage for the RTL30VW is the right place to document the serial connection with photos and description.

Built a firmware to include luci and the related stuff to get 3g working


echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-ssl=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-theme-bootstrap=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_nano=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_usbutils=y" >>.config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_usb-modeswitch=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-usb-phy-qcom-dwc3=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_libqmi=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-proto-qmi=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_qmi-utils=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-usb-net-cdc-mbim=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-proto-3g=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-usb-storage=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-usb-storage-uas=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-usb-storage-extras=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_openvpn-openssl=y" >> .config
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-app-openvpn=y" >> .config

make defconfig

Needs more work since led indicators not working for signal strength

Add this script file to cron in 1/2 minute loop.



T=$(ifstatus wan | jsonfilter -e @.up)
if [ "x$T" = "xfalse" ]; then
	echo 0 > $LED1
	echo 0 > $LED2
	echo 0 > $LED3
	echo 0 > $LED4
  exit 0

L=$(gcom -d /dev/ttyUSB2 -s /etc/gcom/getstrength.gcom | tr -dc '0-9')
D=$(echo "${L}" | cut -c1-2)
echo 0 > $LED1
echo 0 > $LED2
echo 0 > $LED3
echo 0 > $LED4
echo 0 > $LED5

[ $D = 0 ] && echo 1 > $LED5

if [ $D -ge 1 ] && [ $D -lt 9 ];
echo 1 > $LED1

if [ $D -ge 10 ] && [ $D -lt 13 ];
echo 1 > $LED1
echo 1 > $LED2
if [ $D -ge 14 ] && [ $D -lt 19 ];
echo 1 > $LED1
echo 1 > $LED2
echo 1 > $LED3
if [ $D -ge 20 ] && [ $D -le 31 ];
echo 1 > $LED1
echo 1 > $LED2
echo 1 > $LED3
echo 1 > $LED4
exit 0

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thank you, will have a look

Anybody use this router? I could publish my images for this router. If someone would be interested.

Hi @IceG, yeah I am currently making use of this router & used it to try out OpenWrt for the first time, been pretty cool experience so far

p.s: Thanks for the LED script you posted, I used the logic to make a procd init script with some configuration for the repetition. :grin:

I would really like to own this router but can't seem to find it in my neck of the woods, the Netherlands. Tried getting it shipped from Taiwan but all sellers do not ship abroad :frowning:

Hello, I have an RTL0031VW, will you be able to share your build so that i can flash mine?

I have a few RTL0031VW that are stoned....I can send one to you if you would be able to build a firmware for me so that I can flash them.

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I have the RTL0031VW, I need assistance to flash it