OpenWrt on 10G Switch probability?


since 21.02 it's possible to run OpenWrt on a Switch (Realtek Target) which sounds like a great idea to me.
Will the switching capacity be slower than with the stock firmware?
What would be the performance if I would let the device act as a Layer 3 Switch?

I would really love to get my hands on a 10G Switch that has at lest 4 SFP+ Ports.
Does someone of you have an estimation on how probable such a scenario might be?

Thank you so much.

If L3 offloading isn't implemented then I assume it can't possibly be as fast.

From the other thread. Support for RTL838x based managed switches - #744 by fonix232

RTL9301 support is basically done, what is missing is the 10GBit SFP+ ports and IPv6 L3 offloading (most of IPv4 L3 offloading works).


Well that's great news so far, thank you.
I mean I couldn't live without IPv6 support but maybe time will solve those issues as well.

the PR with the features required is here

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Wow, that is better news than I would have expected.
What Zyxel Switches are referred here? Is it the XGS4600 series?
Cannot find too much information about what SoC are being used.

the developer is testing this on a XGS1210-12 and a Zyxel XS1930-10 Support for RTL838x based managed switches - #265 by kobi
maybe other switches of the same product line have the same (family of) Realtek chipset.

It is better if you post in that thread and ask to the developer and other people. They may know more

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I think the XGS1250-12 is also partially supported, asked bkobl about it earlier this month, and quoting the Biot wiki here:

RTL930x: mostly complete

RX/TX by the Ethernet driver works, all L2 functionality is implemented. QoS and Rate control is missing, there is no support for the SFP+ cages. PHY support: RTL8218D works and RTL8266 2.5-gig PHY. The Aquantia multi-gig phys are unsupported (upcoming Zyxel XGS1250-10), but GPL code available. GPIOs and LEDs are supported.

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