OpenWrt not responding to DNS requests on IPv6 WAN interface

I have setup DNS over https on my OpenWRT router. The WAN interface has an IPv6 address and I would like my IPv6 devices to use my OpenWRT router as DNS server. Unfortunately it seems that OpenWRT is not responding to DNS requests on it's IPv6 WAN interface.
I have also allowed udp/tcp port 53 on the WAN6 interface.

Is there something else that needs to be done so the router would start responding to DNS requests on the IPv6 WAN interface?

I assume your devices are on the LAN interface. Are they receiving DHCPv6 address assignments from the router?

My devices are actually on the WAN segment of OpenWRT and are not getting their DHCPv6 from the OpenWRT router. I just want to use OpenWRT for remote Power over ethernet and as a dns server.

I got it working. If someone else bumps into this in the future: I added my IPv6 /64 as the IPv6 ULA-Prefix. The LAN interface then took the address XX::1/64 and at the same time the WAN6 started responding to DNS queries.

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