OpenWrt not detecting 2.4Ghz radio [TP-Link A9 1900]

For some reason, the router shows only radio0 which is 5Ghz and it doesn't show the 2.4Ghz band. I have no idea why, there's 2-3 devices that I use which is connected to my smart home that supports only 2.4Ghz. Anyway to fix this?

I use the snapshot version of the firmware btw as stable version is not available yet.

do a lspci, the packages for the 2.4GHz radio might be missing in the image..
check dmesg too.

I am so sorry, how do I install lscpi and demesg packages? Also, I used the snapshot version given in this link

lspci is in the pciutils package.
dmesg is already there

you'll need to ssh to the router, to execute lspci, dmesg (the kernel log) can be viewed via the webUI, if you installed it.

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2.4 GHz radio isn't (yet) supported, see: TP-LINK_Archer_A9_v6.x - #17 by pepe2k

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Ah I understand now, is there any ETA on when it'll be supported? I just saw someone post a pull request page for a fix, should I try it? If so, how can I do it?

Sorry but I lost track on this one and don't have time now to look at it.

You can check and follow linux-wireless patchwork:*&q=ath9k&archive=both&delegate=

Especially this series:*

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