[OpenWrt node as LAN client] stateful DHCPv6 and DHCpv4 on the same interface?

Likely not the most common deployment scenario for a node running OpenWrt but nonetheless a viable one:

  • upstream router providing DHCPv4 and stateful DHCPv6
  • downstream OpenWrt node connecting through LAN port to upstream router as DHCP client

Configuring the upstream facing interface on the downstream node through UCI | LuCI it is possible to set proto either as DHCP client (v4) or DHCPv6 client but not both.

It would appear that logical interfaces wan and wan_6 are provided to cater for dual-stack DHCP scenarios, though not clear why it requires two separate logical interfaces and not just one.
That said what would be solution for a LAN port on the downstream node being served both, DHCPv4 and stateful DHCPv6, from the upstream router?

I would add a lan6 interface using the same ifname or using @lan alias. Maybe there are other solutions as well.

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