OpenWrt newbie: Isolate networks

Just got my new router flashed and running OpenWrt. I have changed the root password and created a new encrypted wireless network and disabled the default openwrt network.

I want to create the following four networks: A, B, C and D. Each with its own wifi and port (four ports on router). I would like these networks completely isolated. Need some help...



A - Guest
B - Family
D - Work



You could have just deleted it or otherwise renamed it and set encryption for it. Having it will only make your config more difficult to read, especially if you are creating several APs already.


Trying to completely isolate port 4 on my router. I created a new vlan4 on switch0 with eth0 tagged and lan4 untagged,all others off.

I created a new interface vlan4 (new ip scheme 192.168.4.*) and assigned eth0.4 to it. Firewall and DHCP setup.

Seems to be working, but why can I ping 192.168.4.* stuff from my 191.168.1.* network?

Do you have them all on LAN firewall zone, or did you create separate firewall zones for each VLAN?

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LAN firewall...

I created a separate firewall for vlan4, seems to be isolated now...

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And you are likely to allow certain traffic on one direction. For example, allow access from your phone to IoT but not the other way.

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