OpenWrt Network File System


I don't understand how to setup Network File Sharing for Linux on OpenWRT. It seems that Samba is easier to setup but that is for Windows clients.



there's information about NFS on OpenWrt here -- have you read through this? If so, what specifically are your questions?


Do you need help about generic network file sharing, or specific to the Network File System (aka NFS)"? Also, NFS is intended to be used in a server-to-server sharing scheme, while SMB is more suited for server-to-client schemes. And, there are SMB clients for Linux, too.

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I am trying to setup a network share but I now only use Linux michines but didn't know that Samba could operate on a Linux client I thought it was Window only.

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If you are 100% Linux, then the openssh-sftp-server package is what you need. Install this on your router, then any Linux machine can either mount the OpenWrt "drives" using sshfs or browse using the "Nautilus" or similar GUI file manager.


Other forum members already citied NFS and Samba. I'd like to add a further alternative: sshfs.

At the router/server side you only need the package openssh-sftp-server. On the client side (linux clients) you need the package sshfs.

sshfs has a smaller footprint than NFS. I moved from NFS to sshfs a few month ago and didn't regret this step.


Thanks! Will have a look at openssh-sftp server.

samba is for both Windows and Linux. Setup samba on your router and in linux desktop file manager prefix your router address with SMB://routeripaddress to browse your shares.