OpenWrt Network bug

A long time problem with network and Orange TV flux

1 - Pandorabox firmware between master + repeater/relay & no problems with flux TV
2 - Openwrt firmware between master + repeater/relay exactly same config and no TV
3 - Openwrt firmware master + client in WDS mode no problem with flux TV

when connecting two devices via wireless which should be in the same layer 2 network, it's best to run either WDS or 802.11s mesh mode. "repeater/relay" is not a well defined thing, perhaps a relayd configuration is what you're talking about. To me, relayd is a hack and should be avoided (it doesn't work at all with ipv6 for example).


But run fine with PandoraBox firmware old version 18.02 ...

PandoraBox version 19.02 i cannot use BUG for DFS channels !!!

My two cents:

  • If you can use WDS, forget about relayd.
  • It's hard to make any sensible answer without config files or diagnostics.

Question is:

Why i have no problem with PandoraBox firmware ?

I confirm : I use exactly the same repeater configuration

PandoraBox uses proprietary drivers

?? why i have a problem , openwrt drivers are bads?

While the configuration appears to be the same, the implementation under the hood can be completely different (proprietary driver vs mac80211).

The behaviour of mac80211 WDS is well-defined (4-addr mode). The same can't be said for the proprietary driver, as the vendor may use a custom protocol.

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Solution whith OpenWrt : no TV !!!

That is not a big problem because i have also 2 * Orange Repeater running fine but with only 2 LAN ports ..
Or i can use PandoraBox ..