OpenWrt, NanoStation M2 & external storage

Currently running OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc1 on NanoStation M2 Atheros AR7241 rev 1. Free space is just 5MB. Is it possible somehow mount external storage on NanoStation M2 for packet capturing?

Not without a lot of hardware hacking since the USB bus isn't wired up on the board at all. A NFS drive is simple to set up though. Or the packet capture can be done as a client-server.

You need NFS client.

Installing kmod-fs-nfs-v3 (or v4 depending on what your server will run) should bring in everything needed to mount a NFS drive as a client.


For more information, see:

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I have installed these packages with reboot:
nfs-utils 2.3.4-2
kmod-fs-nfs 4.14.151-1
kmod-fs-nfs-v4 4.14.151-1

Created folder /mnt/nano/

Tried to run mount -t nfs4 -o nolock /mnt/nano/ -v

Get error:
mount.nfs4: Connection refused
mount: mounting on /mnt/nano/ failed: Connection refused

Running Win 10 cmd mount -o anon \\mnt\nano W: gives Network Error - 53: The network path was not found.

Pause, if I'm reading correctly, you're trying to mount an external drive on the OpenWrt for extra space. So this syntax must be wrong if the OpenWrt is You should use the IP of the remote NFS drive.

Correct. OpenWrt ip, Win10 ip

mount -t nfs4 -o nolock /mnt/nano/ -v still gives me the same mount.nfs4: Connection refused. Win10 firewall is off.

Pause again!

It's impossible you're setting up an NFS drive on Win 10... Windows 10 doesn't have NFS Server!

Do you actually have an external drive; and is it prepared?

(BTW, welcome to the community, @wep!)

Ups... Sorry for confusion. Will try to set it up with WinNFSd or haneWIN

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Checked WinNFSd and it finally works...

-download WinNFSd 2.4.0 from


-create 2 folders c:\NFS and c:\NANO

-create txt file EX.txt in c:\NFS (txt file content as in screenshot)

-create NFS-SER.bat in c:\NFS (bat file content as in screenshot)

-place WinNFSd.exe in c:\NFS

-run NFS-SER.bat (allow access for Win10 firewall)


-run mount -t nfs /mnt/NANO -o nolock

-run airodump-ng -c 1 --bssid AA:34:56:12:BB:CC -w /mnt/NANO/CAP01 wlan0mon


cap files will be saved in c:\NANO

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