OpenWrt MR3020 Internetrafic forwarding

I need help configuring my MR3020 that I want to use in my RV.

  1. WLAN1 (external WLAN card) is connected as a client with the WLAN of the campsite
  2. At ETH0, my Huawei b315 is connected to the WAN port
  3. I would like to configure the MR3020 so by the wlan0 (LUCI), that in each case the WLAN of Camping Area can be selected.

I invested hours without success, sometimes I am able to access the internet on the ETH0 interface, but I have not found a solution to manage the MR3020 over the WLAN0 (LUCI).

Is there a guide?
Thanks for the helpers

I don't understand your goal? Can you be more specific?Why do you have the wlan conncetion and the umts/lte connection?

I would suggest the travelmate package as perhaps the easiest way of getting a "wireless repeater" up and running, especially if you want "simple" LuCI integration.