OpenWrt missing the point? Go back to support devices with few resources


OpenWRT has grown because it could be used on routers which has very limited space etc.
Now every time you need more space. Devices with little memory are not any more supported.
I think it's a pitty to loose this system for what it was intented.
If you want a linux distribution they are a lot of it for high end devices.
If you need 64M/128MB ram etc you had always a lot of other distributions with all the nice stuff
which OpenWRT tries to pack and to use the newest kernel...

But all the nice cheap new routers or old routers with little resources were and in my opinion should stay the target of OpenWRT.

People what to you think?

One example: New linkysys router V14 with 4/32 is such a device.
You cannot got old system like the V13 which had more ram, they do not exist anymore.
So if you want to buy one router that's ok to spend instead of 30u$ 150u$ but if you have
to buy 15 devices ...

The point of OpenWRT is volunteers creating a highly customizable and secure distribution that can run on consumer routers. If there are no volunteers focusing on maintaining old branches with old kernels that still fit on old devices with low amounts of RAM and ROM storage, then they will simply die out.

If this is something that is important to you, feel free to contribute and make this happen :slight_smile:


many have expressed a similar desire.

few have the skills or time to attend to a dedicated "legacy/LTS" fork... for perhaps 15% of the user base and for devices that are not readily attainable.

having said that... wifi advances and fibre internet have pretty much taken true usefullness of those legacy devices away.


We have discussed this topic already several times in the past 2 years, and really discussed it ad nauseam. Please use the forum search to find more discussions regarding this topic.

Please read the following page and try to understand it:

What you can do now:

Regarding your request in the topic title:
To say it clearly: This will not happen. Decisions have been taken to not further support devices with insufficient resources for current and up to date OpenWrt.

If you don't like this decision, feel free to team up with the hundreds or thousands of other users with those underpowered devices, fork OpenWrt, create your own OpenWrt for those devices.


Where's the will, there's a way! You can get compatible routers from the likes of GL-Inet and FriendlyArm very inexpensively.

Maybe you should direct your frustration towards Linksys which is shipping 4/32 devices in 2020.