OpenWRT Mesh - which router

Great find, excellent price.

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Hello Everyone,

I use a Rasberry PI - CM4 with a seeedo dual Nic companion board and I installed the OS on an eMMC (OpenWRT and it works fine at the moment). I configured 2 Ubiquity UAP - AC - M's (1 in the basement and 1 on my back deck) and it is meshing and working as expected. I did install a Unifi Controller in a Docker Container to control the Mesh APs. So for me yes it works fine, It takes a little work but it's solid and stable.


Do let us know how you get on, and whether there are any specific changes to the installation instructions that you would suggest. They’re a bit sparse at the moment and I know that some people have found them hard to follow correctly first time.

I have installed OpenWrt on two of them. I did have a slight problem on the second unit in that when I installed Luci it complained about a dependency regarding the kernel version. However, it on re-boot it did load Luci and I can access the http configuration page. I removed all the wpad-basic modules (there was only one wpad-basic-mbedtls) and installed the mesh capable wpad-openssl. I wasn't sure whether to run with wpad-mesh-openssl or wpad-openssl, but decided to go with the full version for now.

I haven't installed OpenWrt on the third unit yet, because I wanted to find the Zyxel firmware for the so that it can be reverted back to factory settings if required. Unfortunately I couldn't find the firmware online so before installing anything, decided to open this last one one up and access the UART. I had not problem accessing a root prompt via the failsafe mode as described (it is password protected when fully booted up) and have been able to copy the content all of the mtd's to files on my PC, but am still unsure which, if any, contain the firmware.

On the OpenWrt info page here:

It does state on the lower part of the page that "the link can be acquired from the OEM web GUI by analyzing the transferred JSON objects". I have poked around in the /www directory but so far not found anything useful. Since it is possible to install OpenWrt without setting up a Zyxel cloud account, via the hidden firmware update page, I don't now want to be having to set one up just to access the firmware which is downloaded directly to the router anyway. I had hoped to find something useful in the .json files on the router, but so far I am still searching. After preliminary boot and prompting for failsafe mode, the system loads an overlay, so possibly the firmware URL is in a .json file on there, but I am not sure how to load that yet to have a look.

My plan is to first ensure I have the possibility of reverting to factory settings and then install OpenWrt on the last unit. I then plan to set up the mesh.

Incidentally, these units seem to have only one antenna per radio, so there does not seem to be any diversity capability.

this is expected, if you used the same snapshot image, but didn't flash them the same day.

frolic, thanks for finding and posting that link. At this time, there exists only a snapshot image for this router so that will undoubtedly be the issue. As the article states, will have to wait for an update. The underlying OpenWrt image installed fine so it should be possible to manage via SSH in any event.

You can use the 23.05.0 release candidates which are more stable (but obviously not official STABLE). I’m using RC3 as we speak.