Openwrt mesh network - crowd funded project

This is now available for backing on CrowdSupply...

Looks like a really nice project! It's also sooo close to being completely funded....

Thanks. It's going really well. I hope some people here will try out it. 6 days left in the crowd funding stage. Prices will go up a bit after...

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This is one main reason to use Maxwell openwrt mesh... Hardware has been tested and debugged with specific openwrt builds to fix issues like this and others. Monitoring has also been included to help you figure out what's going on.

Until they actually ship (and work as promised), they should be treated as vaporware ...


Fair enough. They are packed up ready to go, just waiting on the storm in Texas to be over for Ups to take the packages. And they work great, you'll see!

It's exciting what you're doing.. looking forward to see it.

Thanks! If you'd like to skip the waiting for things to ship from CrowdSupply, you can also get Maxwell on eBay here now:

Do you have speed tests with a close distance (say..5 feet) and far distance (say 70 feet) for the different options of your Maxwell setup? Maybe for the Luma... Archer.... Linksys each. Is the Luma better than the Archer as a dual band? I know that these type of tests can be very misleading, but I am very interested in your setup and would want to buy from you. This type of test would really help convince people that OpenWRT ...BATMAN... actually works!

Almost forgot to ask... What would be the performance drop using say 4 devices (dual)... 4 devices (tri)... 5 devices (dual)... 5 devices (tri)...??

Is it also possible to buy Archer A7/C7 from you on ebay? Will you also later sell single addon units somewhere on ebay?

I have a setup with 6 nodes of all these various types at home.
At 5 feet, on 5GHz, I get about 300 Mbps for the Archer and Luma, and 450 for the Linksys. The processor on the Archer is much slower than on the others, so iperf3 won't keep up if run directly on the router, btw.
At 70 ft, on 5 GHz, I get about 150 Mbps for all of them. On 2.4 GHz, I get about 50 Mbps.

Luma has a much better processor and ram and storage, but the range is not quite as good. I'm basically out of the Archer though anyways.

You get a factor of 2 reduction in speed of you have to use the same channel for the client and the backhaul. For instance, I have a dual band Luma in my garage and only about 200 Mbps right next to it to my hub since the 5 GHz channel is used to talk to my phone and also for the mesh backhaul to the hub. For a triband node there is almost no reduction. I still get 400 Mbps next to a triband node in the same situation. For larger setups, these factors of 2 don't keep multiplying, btw. I can still get 150 Mbps after 3 hops on dual band. It depends on the exact setup topology, distances, etc.

I am almost out of the Archers, like I said. I'll soon make listings for the single units. There's also an outdoor unit, the Comcast ew72, available. For now, just message me on ebay after you order on ebay and we can arrange to send more units, or just a single extra one, etc.

Thanks for all the good questions!